August 27 at 11:42pm

This is Isela.

This is Isela! Isela is one of our hard-working neighbors who, for the first time, found herself struggling to make rent due to the impacts of COVID-19. She had been working for three years alongside her eldest son Miguel, when the COVID-19 crisis prompted the state-wide “Stay-At-Home” order. She was just grateful to not lose her job as she is the family’s main financial provider. Yet, she was gravely aware that she was ultimately putting herself at risk of being exposed by merely going to work. After a co-worker was suspected of having symptoms, her family received the news that her eldest son was infected. Miguel was told to quarantine and the company shut down due to the outbreak, resulting in the loss of two revenue streams for the family.
In that moment, Isela turned to Interfaith. We were able to provide immediate rental assistance, made possible by grant support fromThe San Diego Foundation, as well as emergency food assistance for her children. Our Case Managers helped minimize her debt through the San Diego Gas & Electric “Neighbor to Neighbor” program and now, Isela is attending Immigration and Financial Literacy classes through Interfaith’s Supportive Services.
Isela’s family has since recovered from their COVID-19 symptoms, and both her and Miguel have returned to work. When asked about the impact of rental assistance she said,
“$725 isn’t a lot of money in the grand-scheme of things, but for me, at a time like this, it meant the world. Thank you so much.”