June 26 at 1:55pm

Transitional Youth Academy Interns Start at Tri-City Hospital Today

Interfaith’s Transitional Youth Academy Places 9 Student Interns With Tri-City Hospital For the Summer


Today there are nine new student interns from Oceanside High School who are well on their way to careers in the health care field, thanks to a unique program partnership between Interfaith Community Services, Oceanside High School, and Tri-City Hospital, and funded by dollars from the Workforce Investment Act.

“This program gives kids that have a passion for health care an opportunity for a heads on experience,” said Shay Geblar, part of the Transitional Youth Academy staff at Interfaith Community Services.

Every summer for the past three years, The Transitional Youth Academy, which operates on-site at Oceanside High School, recruits students from OHS’s Health Academy class, and places in various departments at Tri-City Hospital for an 8-week paid internship.

Funds for the internship comes from a Workers Investment Act grant obtained by Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy.

Brenda Gil, a graduating senior from Oceanside High, first heard about OHS’s healthcare academy through a friend who had interned in the emergency room. “I though it would be a good opportunity to evaluate the surroundings and see healthcare from a staff perspective, and make sure the health field was something I really wanted to go into.”

Gill served as an intern for her senior year, and the impact was obviously significant. She starts today with the Transitional Youth Academy’s summer internship, but plans to go on to medical school someday to become a doctor.  She will be attending UCLA this fall and plans to major in neuroscience.

“It was a very positive experience. I made friendships with employees. I met a variety of EMT’s, nurses, and got to talk to a few of the doctors. They would give us advice and talk about how to look for new opportunities and open doors.”

Geblar added, “These internships give the students the education and information they need to help them make career decisions. It also helps them network with people in the city and in this industry. This really is a partnership between Interfaith, the hospital, and the high school, and we couldn’t do it without everyone involved.”