November 29 at 4:26pm

YOU gave Cristina a home this Giving Tuesday


Dear Friends,

cristinaOn behalf of Interfaith, I want to wish you and your family a joyous holiday season! The end of the year is a time when special people like you reach out with kindness and generosity in hopes that those less fortunate will share in the joy and comfort of the season.

We are inspired and honored by your enduring compassion, which allows us to continue to Help People Help Themselves every single day.  With your help, our efforts to serve the most vulnerable in our community continue all the year through.

You are the reason ten-year-old Cristina is celebrating this holiday season in her first home.  After losing her job and then her apartment, Cristina’s mom, Carmen, would pick her daughter up from school not knowing where they would sleep that night.

“Sometimes we would stay in the car, sometimes on a friend’s living room floor,” said Carmen. “We started feeling invisible, unnoticed, unwanted.”

After spending years on housing waiting lists and watching her daughter grow up without a place to do her homework or have sleepovers with friends, Carmen received a call from Interfaith. The very next day, Carmen got to tell her daughter they now had their own home.

“Now we feel safe and like we can start making plans not just for today, but for tomorrow and next week, and the rest of our future,” says Carmen, “We’re just so thankful that somebody took the time to give our little family a chance.”

You are that somebody, and by giving a gift today, you can continue to give children and families a chance to succeed. We cannot do our important work without your help, so please consider Interfaith in your decisions about charitable giving this Giving Tuesday.

If you have already made a year-end donation, please consider this an extra thank you!

With deep gratitude,


Greg Anglea

Executive Director

Cohn Family Executive Director Chair

P.S. Click here to see a drawing of what Cristina envisions her first holiday in her new home will look like!